Sunday, April 04, 2010

Homemade Artwork

After spending a bit of time lurking around Etsy and some other sites looking for some artwork to go in our bedroom after I give it a makeover (don't worry, it hasn't happened yet) I came to the conclusion that a lot of the prints I liked were fairly doable and thought I'd give it a go myself. The first two prints are ones I made up in paint shop pro and were very basic. The home one is just a simple quote that is sweet and true and the other one is a bit unique.
Anyone with an interest in home design mags and websites will know that the old bus/tram rolls are in big demand as artwork. I've seen a few around that have a London theme as well as Sydney ones so I thought I'd borrow that idea (I like the layout and look of them) and make my own with a twist. Instead of doing bus stops I did a list of places where we have lived since we got married. So It's a one off unique list that no one else has! And I love the coloured background instead of the black that the bus rolls have.
The beachy pics were done when it was a bit overcast and not so blindingly bright. The sand heart was simply drawn near the water and the shell one was done with some cowrie shells from home (collected on a previous visit) and arranged nicely on some drier sand.
So there you go, a few pieces of easy to do art that will be a bit special and unique so all I have to do now is print them! Oh, Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Great take on the bus rolls theme, they are much more interesting if the locations mean something to you and that colour is just so fresh.

  2. Happy Easter - you could print them up on Canvas - they will look great haging in your house:)