Wednesday, April 07, 2010

TV cabinet transformation

This is what we bought home from the tender centre a little while ago. (The broken glass panels were removed straight away as the little fishes like to touch everything). Apart from being filthy and covered in dust and grime and having a missing door handle and the broken glass, it was in suprisingly good condition. So after a few coats of primer (after being scrubbed clean) and some paint (antique white USA) it was looking a lot better. Add in some MDF pieces with grooves routed in them (do you think I could find any beadboard!!!) and the transformation was nearly complete.
After buying some new magnetic closure thingies and deciding to stick with the original hinges all that was needed was some new knobs so a trip to Vast (interior) was in order. And really, who actually needs a reason to go looking there! I found some lovely off white knobs with a bit of silver in them to finish things off and had a good look around as I managed to go without the fishes. Honestly I could just live in the store they have that much nice stuff in there.
I bought a bamboo placemat to put under the tv so it has something to sit on and looks pretty and protects the lovely new paint job on the cabinet.
So there you have my project from the long weekend, now all the wooden furniture is starting to look like it wants some paint. Next might be a little side table, I'll let you know!


  1. That looks really good!

    I am starting to get the urge to paint some furniture, but I am worried I will change my mind in the future....

  2. Wow you made it seem so easy & quick. Good job & very rewarding to look at!