Monday, March 29, 2010

Table runner madness

Despite the dramas of a cyclone and the hustle and bustle of Kindy fundraising (!?@#$) I have managed to do some sewing. I found a book at the library called 'skinny quilts and table runners' that had quite a few nice patterns in it. The beachy quilt is from the book and I liked making it. It was fairly easy to do, the hardest part was selecting the colours.
The middle pic is a runner made from a charm pack of Amy Butlers 'Love' range that is simply squares sewn together, 'bout aseasy as it gets really.
The last one was the most involved runner, it's from the book as well and was not hard to make as the instructions were easy to follow. It requires a lot of little strips cut out then sewn together and needs a little bit of concentration.
I have plans to make a few more and recently discovered there is a skinny quilts 2 that has been published and it's now on its way here! Have you noticed a bit of a theme with a lot of the things I have been making of late? I am slowly turning our little house into a bit of a beach cottage meets the tropics kind of dwelling and will post pics as things get madeover. The painting (walls)that was meant to happen a few weeks ago has been delayed because of all the wet weather and humidity so hopefully we can get stuck in soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Well we made it! After a very sleepless night and some very scary wind and rain we are now back on track. The power came back on about half an hour ago and you could hear the cheering from the neighbourhood in all directions. It went off about midnight saturday when the winds really picked up and stayed off til now. Having two little fishes in stinking hot humidity for a couple of days with no power is not my idea of fun, but there you go.
The Ergon crews have been working round the clock to try and get everything fixed but there was a fair bit of damage and they still have a lot to fix so we are very happy that we now have power.
We only had 4 trees come down and none of those fell onto anything important so, yay!
Oldest fish is a bit devastated because her favourite park has been smashed up pretty badly. All the old paperbarks and other gums around the playground all were either badly damaged or snapped off at the base and fell on the playthings. We told her that it would be okay and the tree fixer people would come and clean up the trees and the playground fixers would come and fix the swings so she seemed happy with that.
I am still amazed the sheds didn't fly away, I was really expecting to lose them. Apart from the huge amount of vegetation that is everywhere and the fallen power lines I think our area did pretty well. We discovered our fence is a bit stronger than we thought it was, it had two bottlebrushes fall on it and it stood its ground. It is like heaven here at the moment as the fans are working again! I could live without the lights but the fans, they are a must. I have a mountain of washing and cleaning up to do, but it doesn't matter because the fans are on! And the kids can have a good nights sleep! Yay for electricity!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a bit windy today!

We are sitting at home impatiently waiting for Cyclone Ului to make up its mind about where it's going to go. This week has been a waiting game and seems to have gone for a long time with everyone wondering is it coming? going? Do we have to run around putting things away or will we be okay? At the moment it looks like crossing just north of us so poor old Proserpine will cop most of it. The toys have been put away and the sheds are full of garden stuff and the table has been turned upside down (the outside one) and the chairs tied to a pole so now we just have to do some more waiting...... will let you know how it goes!

Friday, March 12, 2010

A very hungry caterpillar likes to drink tea.

Well not really but I do! My very clever, bargain hunting friend took me to a place she goes to where there are bargains to be had on Thursday morn. It was a place Mr Fish has been before but he told me not to bother going there as there was nothing to be found! That's the last time I listen to him!!!!! It was none other than my local tip shop recycling centre! It's across the other side of town which may explain why I have not bothered to go there myself. (I usually only venture to the local green waste facility which is nearby) There was a shed full of old dressers and hutches and wardrobes, which were full of old tea sets and china and vases and glass wear and lots of other things. Then you go outside and there's a huge yard full of other stuff that won't fit in the shed! I picked up these lovely tea cups and saucers which are both bone china from England (I normally get things cause they look nice, it doesn't matter where they come from but you might want to know! And they cost $2 per set!!!!!!) The yellow saucer and plate didn't have a cup but they were too lovely to leave behind. So now I have a new place to lurk in the hope of finding some treasure and next time I'm going without the kids and without Mr Fish! Thanks Trine for taking me :)
This bunch of squares have been cut out to make.......
This very hungry caterpillar cot quilt! It's for Mr Fish's cousin who is due soon. I kept it simple and quilted wavy lines across the quilt instead of going around lots of squares. The parents to be like bright colours so hopefully this will fit right in.