Friday, March 12, 2010

A very hungry caterpillar likes to drink tea.

Well not really but I do! My very clever, bargain hunting friend took me to a place she goes to where there are bargains to be had on Thursday morn. It was a place Mr Fish has been before but he told me not to bother going there as there was nothing to be found! That's the last time I listen to him!!!!! It was none other than my local tip shop recycling centre! It's across the other side of town which may explain why I have not bothered to go there myself. (I usually only venture to the local green waste facility which is nearby) There was a shed full of old dressers and hutches and wardrobes, which were full of old tea sets and china and vases and glass wear and lots of other things. Then you go outside and there's a huge yard full of other stuff that won't fit in the shed! I picked up these lovely tea cups and saucers which are both bone china from England (I normally get things cause they look nice, it doesn't matter where they come from but you might want to know! And they cost $2 per set!!!!!!) The yellow saucer and plate didn't have a cup but they were too lovely to leave behind. So now I have a new place to lurk in the hope of finding some treasure and next time I'm going without the kids and without Mr Fish! Thanks Trine for taking me :)
This bunch of squares have been cut out to make.......
This very hungry caterpillar cot quilt! It's for Mr Fish's cousin who is due soon. I kept it simple and quilted wavy lines across the quilt instead of going around lots of squares. The parents to be like bright colours so hopefully this will fit right in.


  1. I love the quilt - the dump shop is great isnt it - have been there with Mum and Dad and got a few bargins - wish I lived closer to take some of the othr stuff home:)

  2. Oh Joely - I know that the soon to be parents will LOVE that caterpillar quilt - it is fantastic!!!
    And those cups & saucers - very pretty!! I know where I will have to visit with you next time we come up.