Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Woodland wallhanging is finished!

Well, it is finally done! After taking a few months to get all the stitcheries done, the wallhanging came together suprisingly quickly. The fabric squares are from two ranges that I love and had to use as well.
One range is Wildwood by Erin Mcmorris and the other is Woodland Wonderland by Jay Mcarroll. They blended together quite well!
The stitcheries are (clockwise from top left)-
1. Clip art deer off internet (sorry I can't for the life of me remember where exactly)
2. Tabitha Toadstool by me (pattern in earlier blog)
3. Acorn Cap by Cate Anevski
4. Gnome by Badbird
5. Love Bear by Badbird
6. Beary Much by Nicole
7. Is a mix of The parties over by Tamie Snow and Mushrooms by Doe-C-Doe
8. Squirrel by Annieoakleaves
9. (Centre) Spring Pixie by Badbird.
The finished size ended up being just under a yard square so it's not huge.
It's currently hanging in Stace's room and looks lovely. Now I'll probably have to make another one for Zali!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A big shroom and some new fabric!

I had to put this pic in of Stacey with her big mushroom. We have been growing mushies in the pantry (deliberately!) and she was so excited when this whopper came up she demanded a photo be taken. It is suprisingly easy to grow your own mushrooms and they are much fresher than the ones at the supermarket.
On a more craft related note, we got a lovely parcel in the mail this morning that had some fabric in it mum and I ordered off Etsy.
I got these lovely Michael Miller prints which are fat 1/4's and mum got some funky xmas prints and a fat 1/4 set of Erin McMorris prints. I have an idea of what I'd like to make with mine and I am itching to get started but have some other things I have to get finished first.
We have picked the first snow peas off our plant and they were quite delicious!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We just got back from a lovely weekend in Mission Beach for our 10th wedding anniversary.
We stayed at a beautiful place that has the bungalows set in tropical gardens and a giant free form rock pool in the centre. It is a lovely place to visit and they even had markets on the weekend we were there! I managed to convince Mr Fish to take a trip to Paronella Park and am very glad I did, as it was awsome! If you don't know what it is just google it and you'll see, it's well worth a visit.
We got some very nice port at Murdering Point winery that is made from mulberries and black sapote fruit. And we managed to find a toy cassowary to bring home for the little fishes. (unfortunately, the real ones were hiding and we didn't get to see them )
Back into the sewing now with a few projects to finish off and lots of pants to sew.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A sneaky peek and some owls

Zali's little name owls are all finished and ready to be strung together. They were very easy to make and I am rather pleased with them. The hardest part was trying to find some matching buttons for the eyes.
And here is a little sneaky peek at a wall hanging I am nearly finished. I have been stitching the blocks for a while now and finally got them all done so was itching to get them sewn together. They are surrounded by little squares of fabric and I only stitched one in upside down! (I did unpick it and put it the right way round)
It still had to be quilted and the binding put on and then I will reveal all!
The story book print from thepoppytree (etsy) arrived and it is as lovely as I hoped it would be. We also got a bonus card and bookmark and a book label in the parcel.
We (Mr Fish and I) are going away this weekend to Mission Beach for a 10th wedding anniversary holiday. We have not been away on holiday except to visit relatives since I don't know when and we are really looking forward to a little break and a sleep in. Nanny and Poppy are kindly looking after the fish for us and they should have a great weekend at their house.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sleepy Sabine is ready

All the sleepy Sabines are finished! They have been stuffed and are now sitting with the pirates, bunnies and kitty cats ready to go. Now I can get back to sewing pants and the million other things I want to make.
It is littlest fishes first birthday in August and we have been finding it hard to think of something to get her as she has all her older sisters toys to play with. So I thought it would be nice to get her something a bit special instead that she can have to keep as she grows up. I found a beautiful print on Etsy by thepoppytree (don't you just love trawling through all the fab stuff on there?) that is called the story tree. it is a tree/girl thing reading a story to all the forest animals and I think it is lovely. So I am now impatiently waiting for it to arrive.
I also found a cute idea off a blog called moonstitches which is an owl banner with a letter printed on each owl to spell whatever you like (a little fishes name perhaps?) So she might get one of those made for her. it is rather difficult thinking of things that aren't toys (like we really need any more to clutter up the house) to get for little kids but I am doing my best to give handmade pressies to everyone this year and I better do the same for my kids too!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

This is what I have been doing lately

Besides doing a bit of work in the garden lately, I have been getting a bit of sewing in when I can.
The Babushkas are going to be for a stall that is slowly starting to get a bit of a stockpile in readiness for the day. Stacey has one that I made a while ago for her and these are almost the same, just tweaked a bit. Her doll is called Sleepy Sabine and I was told these new ones are named that too, so there you go!
All the chenille pants have been made over the last few months and I have some more to go yet. I have been sewing some other pants from cotton fabric as well and hopefully will have a decent amount in various sizes from 00 to 3.
It is a bit scary sewing so many pairs of pants and wondering if anyone will actually buy them! Hopefully there will be some chenille lovers out there. We are getting a visit from Nanny Sylvie on Thursday and Stacey is pretty excited as seeing her other nanny again. back to the sewing machine I go!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Some kitty cats and a gardener

I think we are turning biggest fish into a green thumb. We have to go out everyday and water the new plants and check if the vegies are growing. She is on to watering can number 2 as the first one was left out the back and Oscar (the dog) decided to have a go at using it. It is now in about 50 pieces and strewn over the yard. She was just devastated when she found it chewed up and was very cross with Oscar for a few days.
I have managed to make some Kitty cats and am now onto some little babushka dolls. The pants sewing has been going well and i am slowing building up a little stockpile, now fingers crossed that i can sell them all!
Also have to say congratulations to some lovely friends Martine and Aaron who just had a baby girl called Michaela Jade. She is a gorgeous little thing and they are doing well (if a little sleep deprived). Of course she got some chenille pants and also a little doll softie and some other bits of clothing. Well done Mart!