Sunday, July 05, 2009

This is what I have been doing lately

Besides doing a bit of work in the garden lately, I have been getting a bit of sewing in when I can.
The Babushkas are going to be for a stall that is slowly starting to get a bit of a stockpile in readiness for the day. Stacey has one that I made a while ago for her and these are almost the same, just tweaked a bit. Her doll is called Sleepy Sabine and I was told these new ones are named that too, so there you go!
All the chenille pants have been made over the last few months and I have some more to go yet. I have been sewing some other pants from cotton fabric as well and hopefully will have a decent amount in various sizes from 00 to 3.
It is a bit scary sewing so many pairs of pants and wondering if anyone will actually buy them! Hopefully there will be some chenille lovers out there. We are getting a visit from Nanny Sylvie on Thursday and Stacey is pretty excited as seeing her other nanny again. back to the sewing machine I go!


  1. Way to go Joely!! Getting a fantastic stock pile. When is your market?