Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside....

When you can't be right next to the seaside all the time here's the next best thing!
A nice reminder of what's nearby waiting for our next visit. I had made one of these a while ago that I gave to kindy for the Mothers day hamper we raffled and wanted to make another one for our place. This time I changed the colours from deeper blues to more bluey greens to more closely resemble the water around our area.
It has some little shells sewn onto the sand at the bottom that finishes it off nicely and a piece of driftwood to hang off.
(Pattern is from a book called Skinny quilts and table runners that I found in our local library)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bugs Birthday Bash!

Littlest Fish (who is known as Bug) turned 2 on Sunday. After persuading her big sister to let bug open her presents by herself we ventured over to Nanny and Poppy's house for some morning tea. (cheese, gherkins, strawberries, biscuits and some kabana thrown in for good measure. These are all bugs favourites.)
After that we thought a trip to the beach was in order before lunch. It's only 2 minutes down the road so we had plenty of time. The water was so lovely and warm that a swim was a must. It started off as just paddling along the edge then quickly turned into jumping over the "waves" then just became getting wet.
They had lots of fun and were nice and hungry when lunch time came around. And we made sure to leave enough room for some cake. Bug was more interested in playing with the figures on the top so we saved her a piece for later.
So bug had a lovely day and slept very well that night!
Not much has been done around here of a practical nature lately as the most I've managed to do is some Kindy paperwork due to contracting a horrible case of man flu. (it was more than just a normal cold so it must have been man flu)
Hopefully next week will see us back on track with the painting and lining of walls!