Friday, September 25, 2009

Some more shirts and a funny softie

Here's some more shirts that I have been busily making, they are getting a bit addictive now. I love this deer applique that is from an ottobre pattern and Stacey actually liked it! And she has already worn this toadstool shirt that I based on Tabitha the toadstool softie. It's quite strange that she actually liked all the shirts I made her as she hasn't liked anything for ages. Maybe the 'I don't like it' phase is over? I surely hope so.
Can you guess which remote isn't real? I really hope so! I finished it the other night and have to say even Mr Fish commented on it and he NEVER says anything unless forced to (except grunting, but thats just a male thing isn't it?) So now I have to keep it safe and try to get littlest fish to not chew on it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some T-shirts

Here's a couple of pics of some shirts I have just done for a friend of mum's grandkids. I love the mushroom one so much I am going to make another one for one of my fishes and will probably end up making the others up again too. I really enjoyed doing the appliques as I haven't done any for ages and got a bit sick of making pants so it was nice to have a change. Am slowly getting myself ready to put some creations on Etsy and will work up the courage to do it soon. It's a bit daunting thinking about it so i'll keep not thinking about it and it will be fine!
more shirts to come soon!

And the winner is........

Ok, so it's not a hat but I figured a nice tea cup would be much prettier to draw a name out of.
The winner and Willemina's new owner is....... Tzel!
Thanks so much to everyone who left such lovely comments and Tzel, if you could drop me an email at joelywhiting(at)hotmail(dot)com With your address info she'll be in the post to you straight away!
Happy sewing everyone :)
p.s. the next post has got lots of shirts in it!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Some new houses.

Here's a couple of pics of what has been keeping me out of trouble lately. I have been busy making some new houses! the toadstool is from a free pattern from here and the tree house is from a tutorial that can be found here . They are really fun to make and I am now wanting to make a little village.
In other news.... my cotton reel holder is done! Mr fish got busy and I have a nice place for the threads to hang out when they are not working. No more tangled threads courtesy of the littlest fish, yay!

And this here is a rather unusual project, I am making a softie remote control for someone for xmas. They are rather attatched to their remote and insist on holding it even when they are asleep on the lounge so no one else can use it so now they can cuddle this one instead!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am celebrating 100 posts with a giveaway!!!!!!
( I think I am a bit over but who really cares right?)
This is Willemina the woodland Girl and she is keen to find a new home. She likes playing in the garden and has a habit of collecting strange looking sticks. Willemina gets along well with most people but seems to get a bit cross with people who tell her she looks like a monkey.
If you would like to have Willemina come and live at your place please leave a comment on this post and I will get the random number selector, I mean the hat, to draw a new owner out. I Will let you know in a week or two who has to get another bed organised for their new house guest.

T-shirt dude and some lovely wooden folk

Here is a pic of some recent crafting. The shirt is for Liam's birthday (to go with Super Liam) (Claire look away if you want to be suprised) and was inspired by the amazing Sam's shirts over at Jetta's Nest (see Blog list at side). She does marvelous shirts for boys and I need all the help I can get given I have two girls! I can't do the incredible faces on mine like she does so Buttons will have to do.
These little wooden folk came in the mail today from a store on Etsy that has a whole range of little peeps waiting to be dressed up (or left plain I guess) and our lot, I think we have about 20, are destined to become elves/gnomes to live in a treehouse that Poppy Bob is going to lovingly make for his grandkiddies for xmas! (there's no backing out now is there!) Next post will be a giveaway!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

'Super Liam' and 'Monkey girl'

Look, up in the tree. Is it a bird? Is it a Monkey? Is it a Super Hero? Well yes it is actually!
Here are the latest additions to the softie gang all finished and up to mischief already. Super Liam is for a certain little boys birthday that is coming up very shortly and the rest of his pressie is nearly done. 'Monkey girl' (who really does need a better name) is staying at our place as she is the very first one of her kind that has been made so far. Will have more pics of finished things soon and coming up very soon is a giveaway to celebrate 100 posts! Stay tuned peeps!
p.s. I am a bit excited as I have convinced Mr Fish to make me a cotton reel holder to hang on the wall! No more hunting for threads!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Sneeky Peeky

Ok here is a little sneek peek at some things I am currently working on. We have a half completed super hero who will be known as 'Super Liam' (said in a deep super hero voice), a little doll that my lovely daughter told me looks like a monkey, and this other thing is going to be a little cabin in the woods doll house that has a pond and mushroom patch out the front and a garden path to meander along. I have loved working on this and the embroidery is coming along slowly (well slow for me, I am impatient to finish it). I am very reluctant to give it to my kids to play with as a lot of work has gone into it and it feels more like an art piece than a toy. So I thought I'd keep it for me and make the kids a more child friendly version that can get a bit bashed around. When it's finished I will post some pics and show you the details.
I got a parcel in the mail yesterday from E-Quilter in the U.S. with some fabric I ordered and a magazine called 'Stuffed' that I had heard about. It's great and is full of softie makers and ideas and I really enjoyed getting other crafters stories and how they go about creating. If anyone out there is a softie fan you will probably enjoy reading this mag (as far as I know there are only 2 issues out so far and it comes out every 6 months).

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Visitors and a finished present

We have had a busy few weeks of late and I have been busily stitching away on a few different things. The wall hanging stitchery I have been working on is finally finished and I am happy with the way it turned out. I hope you like it Sylvia (stace said she will have it if you don't!) (sorry the pic is looking a bit wrinkly, I didn't remember to iron it)

We had a short but lovely visit from my s-i-l and the kidlets for a bit of a crafty holiday. We did lots of sewing and thought of more ideas of things to sew and went op-shopping and actually found some chenille (it's harder to find chenille in Mackay than to win lotto) and had a general crafty time full of crafty gooodness. Claire got her sew-jo back and is keen to get sewing again and I now have even more things on my list to sew. (cause I really needed more things to add to that list). So a big thanks to them for driving all that way to see us and now I can't wait for xmas when we are heading south to see them and the rellies and hit the oppy's down there and of course the fabric shops!

I have not got any pics as most things I have been working on are still half finished but in the works at the moment are- a super hero, a dolly softie, a cabin in the woods, and in the planning stage are some xmas pressies involving little houses and cute stitching! will give you a peek soon.