Monday, September 21, 2009

Some new houses.

Here's a couple of pics of what has been keeping me out of trouble lately. I have been busy making some new houses! the toadstool is from a free pattern from here and the tree house is from a tutorial that can be found here . They are really fun to make and I am now wanting to make a little village.
In other news.... my cotton reel holder is done! Mr fish got busy and I have a nice place for the threads to hang out when they are not working. No more tangled threads courtesy of the littlest fish, yay!

And this here is a rather unusual project, I am making a softie remote control for someone for xmas. They are rather attatched to their remote and insist on holding it even when they are asleep on the lounge so no one else can use it so now they can cuddle this one instead!


  1. Very clever gift...that remote control. Love your little houses so neatly done.

  2. Oh am loving that remote!! I am sure it will give quite a few laughs come christmas!

    The houses are beautiful too Joely & tell Mr big fish that he can make me one of those cotton reel holders for christmas - or at least teach Mr Spunky how to do so :)

  3. LOL - Love the softie remote - we need one here for Baden - he has stollen our black one and it has been missing for about three weeks now - I have written it off - But Tim still holds hope:)

  4. Just found your blog via CM and had to leave a comment on this post. I LOVE your idea. I know someone in my house that falls asleep with the remote firmly clasped in hand. If you try to remove it, he wakes and tightens the grip insisting he's still watching. Grrrrr! I could be tempted to copy you. (grin)