Thursday, September 03, 2009

Visitors and a finished present

We have had a busy few weeks of late and I have been busily stitching away on a few different things. The wall hanging stitchery I have been working on is finally finished and I am happy with the way it turned out. I hope you like it Sylvia (stace said she will have it if you don't!) (sorry the pic is looking a bit wrinkly, I didn't remember to iron it)

We had a short but lovely visit from my s-i-l and the kidlets for a bit of a crafty holiday. We did lots of sewing and thought of more ideas of things to sew and went op-shopping and actually found some chenille (it's harder to find chenille in Mackay than to win lotto) and had a general crafty time full of crafty gooodness. Claire got her sew-jo back and is keen to get sewing again and I now have even more things on my list to sew. (cause I really needed more things to add to that list). So a big thanks to them for driving all that way to see us and now I can't wait for xmas when we are heading south to see them and the rellies and hit the oppy's down there and of course the fabric shops!

I have not got any pics as most things I have been working on are still half finished but in the works at the moment are- a super hero, a dolly softie, a cabin in the woods, and in the planning stage are some xmas pressies involving little houses and cute stitching! will give you a peek soon.


  1. Hi , glad you're well and had such a fun holiday .

  2. Thanks so much for having us Joely - it was really wonderful & you certainly have got my sewjo back on track :)