Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Actually Won Something!

I entered a funkyfabrix giveaway the other week as the fabric was cute and you can't win if you are not in it!
And..... I actually won!
It is the cutest range (I think it's aimed at boys but my girls like boy stuff and play with trains and dinosaurs and love thomas) and the animals in them are super cute.
So I was very excited to get an email telling me I'd won. I haven't been in a lot of blog giveaways, mainly because I usually don't discover them til they are finished!
Now to think of something great to make!
I've been playing around with transfers and t-shirts lately and have been going through the kids books for some cute pictures to put on them. Bambi is a favourite though the story is pretty terrible and the little golden books have proven to be good sources of cuteness.

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  1. Those t shirts look so good and I love the fabric , great win .