Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some recent projects

These are a couple of things I have been working on lately that I thought I might post.
The first one is a skirt I made for Stace out of some super cute elephant material we got off the Stash Queen (a.k.a. Claire) and some red I had in the cupboard. I really love it and think it's great but she won't have a bar of it! She seems to be going through a stage of not liking anything new or unfamiliar and it's driving me batty! I hope she grows out of it soon as I really like making things for the girls.
The wall hanging in progress is something I've got planned for my M-I-L who has a birthday coming up. It took me a while to do the stitchery in the middle and now I've just got to finish some embroidery on the first border and slip stitch the binding on. I decided to do a sea dragon as we went on a trip to Underwater World last time we were down there visiting and she really loved them, so I thought I'd make a wall hanging to remember them.
And I have been playing around with iron on tranfer paper and came up with a cute bambi print (from a little golden book) and think I might do some more, it's really quick and easy and fun! I can picture some birthday pressies in my head.
Have also been busily sewing up chenille pants and have a pretty good stockpile now. I am keen to get back to making little things and working on whatever takes my fancy as I am now a bit sick of chenille! Am in a sewing kind of mood (not clothes sewing) so will have to see what happens.

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