Friday, November 27, 2009

Rudolf and the pixies

I had a spurt of enthusiasm and got these shirts finished yesterday. The rudolf version of antler boy turned out pretty well and the pixies got the thumbs up from oldest fish. I bought the pinkish shirt a while ago but couldn't figure out what to put on it as the red capped pixie had the wrong colours to go with the shirt. Then I noticed the stack of other coloured dots that have accumulated in my cupboard and realised there was a reason I bought them! I have little dots in quite a few colours as they are just so cute and now they have a use!
It's a bit hard to see but green pixie has a little frilly lace collar that sits over her neck and looks rather fetching. We are off now to see some baby horses in a paddock down the road and then to go find some tiny buttons.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Antler boy trial 1

There wasn't much on tv tonight so I got stuck in and had a go at my first trial of antler boy who is disguised as rudolf for the purpose of me needing a christmas shirt for littlest fish and him being vaguely christmas looking with the addition of a nice red nose.
He looks quite nice with a chenille body though for non christmas versions cotton fabric would be fine too. I haven't stitched him on yet so will post another pic of the finished shirt soon. I have also been playing around with some little mushroom people and will try some appliques of them as well.

Monday, November 23, 2009

one little Doll

One little doll sleeping in the grass. And she even has her own blankie to keep them warm. I used a doiley for the frill around little reds face instead of sewing lace around and a little button made a nice dummy.
I like making the blankies to wrap the dolls in so they are nice and snug til they reach their new home.
Next on the neverending list is to finish a baby quilt and make a couple of pairs of shorts and maybe if i get time before it's too late there will be some little tiny tree house accessories for the little gnomes to furnish their house with. (I'm thinking a rug and some blankies and maybe some sleeping bags). Am in the middle of trying to draw a reindeer kid for a t-shirt applique so if that works i'll post a pic and let you see!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shirts and some wee little people

Here's some pics of some things that have recently been completed, Christmas is creeping up ever so quickly so I am trying to get everything at least started so I am not sewing madly on Christmas eve!
These shirts are for a couple of boys I know and boys like monsters and robots, don't they? I hope they do as that's what I've been told (my very tomboy like girl thinks they are great, along with dinosaurs and trains) so hopefully the boys receiving the shirts like them as much as she does. (otherwise they will no longer be for the boys!)
The little gnomes have been sitting on a shelf looking at me for a while, waiting patiently to be placed ever so carefully in a box for their long trip at Christmas time to their new home. They had to be up quite high so other little people would not play with them beforehand, despite a few efforts to reach them. Hopefully Poppy Bob has their new treehouse home nearly ready for them to move into or there will be trouble of the 5 year old kind!
On another note, I went to kindy night at my little fishes kindy she is going to next year to get all the info needed for enrolment. I know she is going to love going but it is a bit sad too. I can't belive she is going to kindy already, the time has gone so quickly and she will really be grown up then. But at least there will be chickens to feed and paintings to paint and songs to sing and I will get to hear all about them when littlest fish and I pick her up at the end of each day. (That's a platypus in case you didn't know.)

Friday, November 13, 2009

The McClymonts Rock!

I went to The McClymonts concert last night and boy was it great! Those girls are amazing , not only can they sing (beautifully) but they can also play instruments and are very funny.
And after the show they hung around and signed autographs and had their photo taken with everyone. It was a great show and I hope they come back. Their new album is out next year in January and it should be awsome if the new songs that we heard are anything to go by. And they even spelt my name right on the photocard! You girls rock!

Just listed some things!

I just put my first listings on! After much umming and ahhing about Etsy or madeit I decided to go with the smaller local site to start with as the whole thing is a bit overwhelming. Made it is getting bigger day by day as more people check it out and it was very easy to go through the listing process.
So now I'm all excited and want to make more stuff to sell!
I have only listed a few things and will hopefully add a few more each week as I get the time to get on the computer and not have little fishes trying to 'help'.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Market round up

Well, I had my first market stall on the weekend at the baby and toddler market run by the lovely Christine. It was a bit scary setting up and wondering if anyone would like the stuff I make but I got some lovely comments and a lot of "wow, did you make these?" so my confidence got a bit of a boost. The only thing that was a bit annoying was that people seemed a bit preoccupied with looking for pre-loved goods and some commented that they didn't realise there would be new stuff there. It was mentioned on the flyers that there would be a few handmade and new product stalls but I guess people don't always read the details.
Apart from that I had a good time and got to chat with my stall neighbours who were lovely and had beautiful things to sell. I think selling online will be a good way to go in the future as it was a lot of work to get ready for the market and I can just sew at my own pace if I put things online. If there was an art and craft market in our town it would probably be worthwhile having a stall as people would know what to expect but most of them are flea market type set ups so they're not ideal for handmade stuff.
Silly me forgot to take my camera so I only have these pics that I took beforehand of some of the stuff I had.
P.S. if you like softies check out 'theneedle's' blog for some amazing creations!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Noddy and the doll quilts

Over the last few months I have managed to find these Noddy figures at the local op shops. They are soooo cute and remind me of when I was little and loved to read Enid Blyton books. I have no idea if they are just a cheap cereal box type toy or one you can actually purchase but they are all in great condition and I love them for the memories they bring to mind.
These two doll quilts have just been finished, they were super quick and easy to make, I didn't even bother with wadding as they are not needed for warmth. I top stitched around the blocks once they were turned right side out so they look a bit 'quilted'. They are for xmas pressies for two little girls but I won't mention names in case their mums read this.
Market day is tomorrow so wish me luck!