Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shirts and some wee little people

Here's some pics of some things that have recently been completed, Christmas is creeping up ever so quickly so I am trying to get everything at least started so I am not sewing madly on Christmas eve!
These shirts are for a couple of boys I know and boys like monsters and robots, don't they? I hope they do as that's what I've been told (my very tomboy like girl thinks they are great, along with dinosaurs and trains) so hopefully the boys receiving the shirts like them as much as she does. (otherwise they will no longer be for the boys!)
The little gnomes have been sitting on a shelf looking at me for a while, waiting patiently to be placed ever so carefully in a box for their long trip at Christmas time to their new home. They had to be up quite high so other little people would not play with them beforehand, despite a few efforts to reach them. Hopefully Poppy Bob has their new treehouse home nearly ready for them to move into or there will be trouble of the 5 year old kind!
On another note, I went to kindy night at my little fishes kindy she is going to next year to get all the info needed for enrolment. I know she is going to love going but it is a bit sad too. I can't belive she is going to kindy already, the time has gone so quickly and she will really be grown up then. But at least there will be chickens to feed and paintings to paint and songs to sing and I will get to hear all about them when littlest fish and I pick her up at the end of each day. (That's a platypus in case you didn't know.)

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  1. WOW!! The shirts look fantastic & am loving the gnomies. I can't believe how big she is - A kindy girl!! I am sure she will LOVE it - Em did :)