Friday, November 27, 2009

Rudolf and the pixies

I had a spurt of enthusiasm and got these shirts finished yesterday. The rudolf version of antler boy turned out pretty well and the pixies got the thumbs up from oldest fish. I bought the pinkish shirt a while ago but couldn't figure out what to put on it as the red capped pixie had the wrong colours to go with the shirt. Then I noticed the stack of other coloured dots that have accumulated in my cupboard and realised there was a reason I bought them! I have little dots in quite a few colours as they are just so cute and now they have a use!
It's a bit hard to see but green pixie has a little frilly lace collar that sits over her neck and looks rather fetching. We are off now to see some baby horses in a paddock down the road and then to go find some tiny buttons.


  1. These are wonderful...really love that first pixie and rudolf is too cute.