Monday, February 23, 2009

Here's some more things i have been working on lately. I made a start on the chenille pants and have a couple of pairs done.
I finishes Zali's (2nd little fish) top for aunty sandy's wedding, she's going to be a fairy so she now has wings attatched to her top and a twirly skirt. because she'll only be 8 months old i thought it would be better to have soft wings attatched to her top instead of ones with wire in them.

i made a new pincushion the other day and decided to do a cupcake as they are cute and are a good shape for a pincushion. i put rice in the bottom to weigh it down a bit.

It's Stacey's (1st little fish) birthday in April and I found a cute monkey pattern in a handmade mag from the library. I changed the wool fabric to chenille for the body and it came out okay. I thought it might be a bit thick but it seemed fine. So monk (she calls all monkeys monk) will have to sit in the cupboard for a bit longer til it's time to come out and play.

I got a parcel in the post this morning of fabric I got off etsy (the best website ever!!!) and I had to let Stacey open it as she was so excited I thought she might explode. We got some lovely material off Karen GrayDesign and even got a freebie, thanks Karen!

It will probably be made into some dresses or skirts for the fishes but you just never know.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I just finished making these so I thought i'd put them on before i forgot. they are made from the tins that baby formula comes in, though any tin of the right size would work. i think i'll need some more though, there's still elastic, pencils, threads etc to find nice homes for.
Hi everyone,
if you don't know about this group please go and have a look, there are some great ideas for helping out with the bushfire victims. it's site is and is really worth a look.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Well I finished making my shopping bags and they are quite handy for things like getting the paper, using for a library bag and just putting stuff in really.
thought i'd post some more pics of things i've made though some were done last year.
the owl is actually a cushion pattern that i turned into an applique as well to hang on the wall.
the leaf wall hanging is done with a lot of vliesofix and blanket stitching.
and the forest canvas is raw edge stitched to a backing fabric then stretched over a canvas, i really took the easy way out but i only wanted a quick project that could be done and up on the wall fast.
i am going to try and get back into making my chenille pants that i used to sell on ebay before fishie number two came along. so i'll have to do some major cutting out and start sewing!

Friday, February 06, 2009

thought i'd start my first post on a crafty note and put some pics up of some things i have made recently. some were xmas pressies and some just for fun. the skirt is for my daughter Stacey and is made from an alexander henry fabric i got off ebay which i just love. the little bags were pressies for a few special little girls i know and the big bag was a present for my s-i-l. the babushka doll was made from a pattern i found in handmade magazine and i made it for my youngest fish Zali for xmas. the pattern said to use felt for the cape but i has some tie dyed looking quilters flannel that i thought looked great instead.
at the moment i am making some shopping bags for taking shopping instead of having to get all those little plastic bags you can't do anything with from the different stores. the good old green bags will do for groceries but these are for proper shopping (i don't consider groceries 'proper').
so i will post a pic when they are done.