Friday, February 06, 2009

thought i'd start my first post on a crafty note and put some pics up of some things i have made recently. some were xmas pressies and some just for fun. the skirt is for my daughter Stacey and is made from an alexander henry fabric i got off ebay which i just love. the little bags were pressies for a few special little girls i know and the big bag was a present for my s-i-l. the babushka doll was made from a pattern i found in handmade magazine and i made it for my youngest fish Zali for xmas. the pattern said to use felt for the cape but i has some tie dyed looking quilters flannel that i thought looked great instead.
at the moment i am making some shopping bags for taking shopping instead of having to get all those little plastic bags you can't do anything with from the different stores. the good old green bags will do for groceries but these are for proper shopping (i don't consider groceries 'proper').
so i will post a pic when they are done.

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  1. WOW that Babushka doll is beautiful, i would love to make that.