Monday, June 22, 2009

We've got the gardening bug

We seem to have caught the gardening bug of late.
Stacey has always liked helping in the garden but since we put in the vegie patch she has become obsessed. We have now got two patches as the first one was so popular. So now she has even more space to grow things ( well strawberries really as they are her most very favourite thing.)
The vegies in the first one are all growing well and get checked everyday. And the second one will hopefully grow things very soon. (we have to finish filling it first, the compost has never had such a good workout).
Not much crafting has been done lately. I have made up some more chenille pants for the stockpile and cut out a few kitty cat softies that need to be put together, but apart from that it has all been outside work. The dolls for my friends birthday were a hit and her little girl wanted to have them for herself so they may have to share.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A book, Some Dolls and some crocheting

In the post recently was this wonderful book by one half of melly and me , Melanie Hurlston.
It has some really lovely projects in it and has only just come out so try and check it out if you can.
These dolls are going to live at a friends place in a couple of days (it's her birthday) and hopefully she won't see them before then!
And this came in the mail today! Aunty Jude has been very busy with the crochet hook and has made all these gorgeous doilies for me to use. Also in the parcel was a beautiful poncho for littlest fish and some very clever shopping bags that fold into themselves and button up in a little pouch. Thank you very much for making all these lovely things, Aunty Jude!

Some Pirates, some Bunnies and some stitcheries

We have been in the garden a lot lately, it's lovely outside at the moment (except for the mozzies). But I have managed to get a bit of sewing done in the evenings. The vegie patch is growing well and I am amazed that nothing has died yet. We got so enthusiastic we now have a little herb garden made from an old wheel barrow tray.
Back to the sewing now. I have been playing around making up some softies lately and thought I would try to make a few to sell at the markets along with some kids clothes. So we now have 3 Pete the pirates and 4 little bunnies ready to go. I have plans for a kitty cat and some babushkas next.
Also done recently are some stitcheries that will be put together when the others are finished and made into a wall hanging for little fishes room. It has a bit of a woodland theme going on as the other ones are all mushroom and gnome type ones too. Will post more pics as they are done.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Quilts of love

Here is the latest quilt of love I am doing this year. It just scraped in to be completed by the end of the month. I am going to try and have the next one finished by the MIDDLE of this month so I can be back on track. There is a baby and toddler market on up here in a few months and I am going to have a stall and hopefully sell some creations. That means I better get sewing!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thanks Alesha!

Just got this in a parcel this morning, it is from Alesha in the crafty mamas alphabet swap. We had to send a parcel with something that started with either the first letter of our name or our user name. Since mine is two little fishes I got ..... two little fishes! aren't they so very cute?
And she says it's her first attempt at amigurumi. I reckon that's a pretty good first attempt.
Thanks Alesha, we (me and the two little fishes) love them. They are playing in pretend underwater as I write this.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Neville the slightly Neurotic Nom.

Hi there, I'm Neville and I'm a Nom. My pattern is by Aimee Ray and as you can see I am rather cute looking. I have been a bit nervous lately as a pirate has moved into my space and he has a sword! I am not too keen on violence so I hope he doesn't find any need to use it. I'm keeping my distance where possible. It's nice hanging out in the garden with the bugs and the birds, i don't think the pirate likes animals so i should be pretty safe out there.

Pete the Pirate and a new vegie Patch

Well, we have been rather busy this weekend doing some gardening and finishing off the vegie patch. Mr Fish wanted to make it out of stuff we already had and managed to get some dirt from work to fill it up. We mixed in the compost from our bin and put some mulch on the top and planted our little seedlings. Stacey was very excited and keeps checking on them to see if they have grown yet. We had to plant some cherry tomatoes as they are her favourite as well as some carrots and snow peas. Hopefully something will grow and give us a bit of food. Mr fish even made a fence and a little gate to keep the dog out too! He is rather proud of his work and stood admiring it for a while.
Apart from gardening I have been playing around trying to make a softie. This is Pete the Pirate and he is rather friendly despite having lost an eye and a leg in a misunderstanding with another pirate. (I think it was over a parrot). He has his own swordy thing and has been told it is not to be used when playing.
His little friend is a sleepy monkey girl that Stacey has adopted as her own. I like her basic design but am not happy with the quilters flannel her hood is made out of, it is a bit stretchy so she will go back for a refit and hopefully come out looking lovely.