Monday, June 22, 2009

We've got the gardening bug

We seem to have caught the gardening bug of late.
Stacey has always liked helping in the garden but since we put in the vegie patch she has become obsessed. We have now got two patches as the first one was so popular. So now she has even more space to grow things ( well strawberries really as they are her most very favourite thing.)
The vegies in the first one are all growing well and get checked everyday. And the second one will hopefully grow things very soon. (we have to finish filling it first, the compost has never had such a good workout).
Not much crafting has been done lately. I have made up some more chenille pants for the stockpile and cut out a few kitty cat softies that need to be put together, but apart from that it has all been outside work. The dolls for my friends birthday were a hit and her little girl wanted to have them for herself so they may have to share.

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  1. Oh look at your little garden girl - so cute. We love the garden here as well - but it is a little cold for those lovely veges you have in your garden. We currnetly have carrots, brocolli, cauliflower and leeks growing in ours. Good luck and enjoy.