Thursday, July 02, 2009

Some kitty cats and a gardener

I think we are turning biggest fish into a green thumb. We have to go out everyday and water the new plants and check if the vegies are growing. She is on to watering can number 2 as the first one was left out the back and Oscar (the dog) decided to have a go at using it. It is now in about 50 pieces and strewn over the yard. She was just devastated when she found it chewed up and was very cross with Oscar for a few days.
I have managed to make some Kitty cats and am now onto some little babushka dolls. The pants sewing has been going well and i am slowing building up a little stockpile, now fingers crossed that i can sell them all!
Also have to say congratulations to some lovely friends Martine and Aaron who just had a baby girl called Michaela Jade. She is a gorgeous little thing and they are doing well (if a little sleep deprived). Of course she got some chenille pants and also a little doll softie and some other bits of clothing. Well done Mart!


  1. Oh another lucky reciever of your chenille pants - we LOVED ours.

    The kittys look great. And hugs for Stacey - I am sure that she will be putting the new one in a safe spot. A little tip - save a milk container and hammer a few holes in the top - works a treat for days when the dog eats the watering can. I am still on the look out for a child sized tin one - can you tell that we have had a few run ins?

  2. Oh wow you have been one busy girl - I LOVE the cats they are fabulous!!!
    I can't believe how big the girls are getting.
    Stace is one cute gardener!!