Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sleepy Sabine is ready

All the sleepy Sabines are finished! They have been stuffed and are now sitting with the pirates, bunnies and kitty cats ready to go. Now I can get back to sewing pants and the million other things I want to make.
It is littlest fishes first birthday in August and we have been finding it hard to think of something to get her as she has all her older sisters toys to play with. So I thought it would be nice to get her something a bit special instead that she can have to keep as she grows up. I found a beautiful print on Etsy by thepoppytree (don't you just love trawling through all the fab stuff on there?) that is called the story tree. it is a tree/girl thing reading a story to all the forest animals and I think it is lovely. So I am now impatiently waiting for it to arrive.
I also found a cute idea off a blog called moonstitches which is an owl banner with a letter printed on each owl to spell whatever you like (a little fishes name perhaps?) So she might get one of those made for her. it is rather difficult thinking of things that aren't toys (like we really need any more to clutter up the house) to get for little kids but I am doing my best to give handmade pressies to everyone this year and I better do the same for my kids too!

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  1. The little dolls look cute and love that print! I am sure that it will grow into a treasured item in years to come.