Monday, July 27, 2009

A big shroom and some new fabric!

I had to put this pic in of Stacey with her big mushroom. We have been growing mushies in the pantry (deliberately!) and she was so excited when this whopper came up she demanded a photo be taken. It is suprisingly easy to grow your own mushrooms and they are much fresher than the ones at the supermarket.
On a more craft related note, we got a lovely parcel in the mail this morning that had some fabric in it mum and I ordered off Etsy.
I got these lovely Michael Miller prints which are fat 1/4's and mum got some funky xmas prints and a fat 1/4 set of Erin McMorris prints. I have an idea of what I'd like to make with mine and I am itching to get started but have some other things I have to get finished first.
We have picked the first snow peas off our plant and they were quite delicious!


  1. I wish that we could grow mushrooms - but with Tim being allergic to them I have steared away from them - cute pic of her though - fab growing Stacey. Great fabrics too.

  2. Those mushrooms in the pantry go really well on the BBQ, we grew them one year and got so many, they are a really good idea and heaps nicer than the supermarket ones