Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree....

Apart from wrapping pressies and put decorations back on the tree after littlest fish has pulled them off, I've been making some little stitchery decorations for the girls.
Last year I made two little ones for them and thought it would be a nice idea to make them one each year. This years are a little deer and a little penguin, both the designs were from here and were quick and easy to make so this could become a tradition.
Oldest fish also has a half dozen pairs of new shorts as she has grown so much since last summer that we had to make some new ones.
And i've traced out a few stitcheries to take with me to do over Christmas (going to the inlaws for a holiday) as it is nice to stitch at night once the kids have gone to bed. they will be for littlest fishes wall hanging which will be similar to the woodland hanging I did for oldest fish. I had so many lovely designs left over that another one is needed to use them up. I started on the first one already and have a few more ready to go.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The seamstress and the calendar

Just a quick post to show you two things we have at the moment that are lovely to look at. I got an advent calendar panel from Kristen Doran and made it up for the little fishes. We managed to find a 24 piece puzzle and put a piece in each pocket with a couple of xmas stickers (it is waaaayyyyy too hot here to put chocolate in the pockets). So far it has been a success with a bit more puzzle put together each day and a sticker stuck to something in the house. The other lovely thing we have is a print I got for my birthday called 'the seamstress' by thepoppytree which is in the sewing room so I can look at it when I get the chance to sew. Oldest fish and I just made some haybales for littlest fishes barn that she is getting for xmas. We made them out of matchboxes and covered them with some thin pellon and then some hay looking material. Now we have to figure out how to build a fence and it will be all done!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Two more T's

Just finished these two t's for two special little people. The pixie is number three in a series of pixie type creatures that I've been playing around with and Rudolf is for an order from a crafty mama. I've actually managed to get all my intended xmas sewing done and am now contemplating making some things for me!