Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Woodland wallhanging is finished!

Well, it is finally done! After taking a few months to get all the stitcheries done, the wallhanging came together suprisingly quickly. The fabric squares are from two ranges that I love and had to use as well.
One range is Wildwood by Erin Mcmorris and the other is Woodland Wonderland by Jay Mcarroll. They blended together quite well!
The stitcheries are (clockwise from top left)-
1. Clip art deer off internet (sorry I can't for the life of me remember where exactly)
2. Tabitha Toadstool by me (pattern in earlier blog)
3. Acorn Cap by Cate Anevski
4. Gnome by Badbird
5. Love Bear by Badbird
6. Beary Much by Nicole
7. Is a mix of The parties over by Tamie Snow and Mushrooms by Doe-C-Doe
8. Squirrel by Annieoakleaves
9. (Centre) Spring Pixie by Badbird.
The finished size ended up being just under a yard square so it's not huge.
It's currently hanging in Stace's room and looks lovely. Now I'll probably have to make another one for Zali!


  1. Oh Joely - it looks great. Looking forward to seeing the next addition for Miss Z!

  2. Hi from Spain Joely! :D

    I really love this work and inspired me to do something, thanks for sharing (and sorry for my terrible english).


    meni ^-^