Monday, June 15, 2009

A book, Some Dolls and some crocheting

In the post recently was this wonderful book by one half of melly and me , Melanie Hurlston.
It has some really lovely projects in it and has only just come out so try and check it out if you can.
These dolls are going to live at a friends place in a couple of days (it's her birthday) and hopefully she won't see them before then!
And this came in the mail today! Aunty Jude has been very busy with the crochet hook and has made all these gorgeous doilies for me to use. Also in the parcel was a beautiful poncho for littlest fish and some very clever shopping bags that fold into themselves and button up in a little pouch. Thank you very much for making all these lovely things, Aunty Jude!


  1. Yay - go Aunty Jude - wish I had an Aunt that could crochet LOL - ok - I will just have to be happy with the knitting that I manage to do. LOL - that is my goal though. Kylie will learn to read a crochet pattern! Will keep an eye out for that pattern book and the little dolls are very very cute!

  2. Wow you scored well ! Like your new header !