Monday, June 01, 2009

Pete the Pirate and a new vegie Patch

Well, we have been rather busy this weekend doing some gardening and finishing off the vegie patch. Mr Fish wanted to make it out of stuff we already had and managed to get some dirt from work to fill it up. We mixed in the compost from our bin and put some mulch on the top and planted our little seedlings. Stacey was very excited and keeps checking on them to see if they have grown yet. We had to plant some cherry tomatoes as they are her favourite as well as some carrots and snow peas. Hopefully something will grow and give us a bit of food. Mr fish even made a fence and a little gate to keep the dog out too! He is rather proud of his work and stood admiring it for a while.
Apart from gardening I have been playing around trying to make a softie. This is Pete the Pirate and he is rather friendly despite having lost an eye and a leg in a misunderstanding with another pirate. (I think it was over a parrot). He has his own swordy thing and has been told it is not to be used when playing.
His little friend is a sleepy monkey girl that Stacey has adopted as her own. I like her basic design but am not happy with the quilters flannel her hood is made out of, it is a bit stretchy so she will go back for a refit and hopefully come out looking lovely.

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