Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Market round up

Well, I had my first market stall on the weekend at the baby and toddler market run by the lovely Christine. It was a bit scary setting up and wondering if anyone would like the stuff I make but I got some lovely comments and a lot of "wow, did you make these?" so my confidence got a bit of a boost. The only thing that was a bit annoying was that people seemed a bit preoccupied with looking for pre-loved goods and some commented that they didn't realise there would be new stuff there. It was mentioned on the flyers that there would be a few handmade and new product stalls but I guess people don't always read the details.
Apart from that I had a good time and got to chat with my stall neighbours who were lovely and had beautiful things to sell. I think selling online will be a good way to go in the future as it was a lot of work to get ready for the market and I can just sew at my own pace if I put things online. If there was an art and craft market in our town it would probably be worthwhile having a stall as people would know what to expect but most of them are flea market type set ups so they're not ideal for handmade stuff.
Silly me forgot to take my camera so I only have these pics that I took beforehand of some of the stuff I had.
P.S. if you like softies check out 'theneedle's' blog for some amazing creations!

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  1. Oh I want a mama sized top with the spotty hat elf! It is simply gorgeous Joely! YAY for surviving your first market.