Monday, November 23, 2009

one little Doll

One little doll sleeping in the grass. And she even has her own blankie to keep them warm. I used a doiley for the frill around little reds face instead of sewing lace around and a little button made a nice dummy.
I like making the blankies to wrap the dolls in so they are nice and snug til they reach their new home.
Next on the neverending list is to finish a baby quilt and make a couple of pairs of shorts and maybe if i get time before it's too late there will be some little tiny tree house accessories for the little gnomes to furnish their house with. (I'm thinking a rug and some blankies and maybe some sleeping bags). Am in the middle of trying to draw a reindeer kid for a t-shirt applique so if that works i'll post a pic and let you see!

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