Tuesday, September 08, 2009

'Super Liam' and 'Monkey girl'

Look, up in the tree. Is it a bird? Is it a Monkey? Is it a Super Hero? Well yes it is actually!
Here are the latest additions to the softie gang all finished and up to mischief already. Super Liam is for a certain little boys birthday that is coming up very shortly and the rest of his pressie is nearly done. 'Monkey girl' (who really does need a better name) is staying at our place as she is the very first one of her kind that has been made so far. Will have more pics of finished things soon and coming up very soon is a giveaway to celebrate 100 posts! Stay tuned peeps!
p.s. I am a bit excited as I have convinced Mr Fish to make me a cotton reel holder to hang on the wall! No more hunting for threads!

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