Friday, September 04, 2009

Sneeky Peeky

Ok here is a little sneek peek at some things I am currently working on. We have a half completed super hero who will be known as 'Super Liam' (said in a deep super hero voice), a little doll that my lovely daughter told me looks like a monkey, and this other thing is going to be a little cabin in the woods doll house that has a pond and mushroom patch out the front and a garden path to meander along. I have loved working on this and the embroidery is coming along slowly (well slow for me, I am impatient to finish it). I am very reluctant to give it to my kids to play with as a lot of work has gone into it and it feels more like an art piece than a toy. So I thought I'd keep it for me and make the kids a more child friendly version that can get a bit bashed around. When it's finished I will post some pics and show you the details.
I got a parcel in the mail yesterday from E-Quilter in the U.S. with some fabric I ordered and a magazine called 'Stuffed' that I had heard about. It's great and is full of softie makers and ideas and I really enjoyed getting other crafters stories and how they go about creating. If anyone out there is a softie fan you will probably enjoy reading this mag (as far as I know there are only 2 issues out so far and it comes out every 6 months).

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  1. Oh green eyed monster lurking here with that lovely parcel you received!! LOVE all the fabric & you will have to bring the mag at Chrissy too :)
    I am completely in love with the first softie & you know I love the super hero too!
    Can't wait to see the cabin finished.