Thursday, September 10, 2009

T-shirt dude and some lovely wooden folk

Here is a pic of some recent crafting. The shirt is for Liam's birthday (to go with Super Liam) (Claire look away if you want to be suprised) and was inspired by the amazing Sam's shirts over at Jetta's Nest (see Blog list at side). She does marvelous shirts for boys and I need all the help I can get given I have two girls! I can't do the incredible faces on mine like she does so Buttons will have to do.
These little wooden folk came in the mail today from a store on Etsy that has a whole range of little peeps waiting to be dressed up (or left plain I guess) and our lot, I think we have about 20, are destined to become elves/gnomes to live in a treehouse that Poppy Bob is going to lovingly make for his grandkiddies for xmas! (there's no backing out now is there!) Next post will be a giveaway!

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  1. Um I couldn't look away, it is a fabulous shirt, I love it - but at least it will be a surprise for Liam! I will have to save that etsy site in my favourites - love the dolls - you better have told Poppy Bob that he had to make one for our house too :)