Monday, March 29, 2010

Table runner madness

Despite the dramas of a cyclone and the hustle and bustle of Kindy fundraising (!?@#$) I have managed to do some sewing. I found a book at the library called 'skinny quilts and table runners' that had quite a few nice patterns in it. The beachy quilt is from the book and I liked making it. It was fairly easy to do, the hardest part was selecting the colours.
The middle pic is a runner made from a charm pack of Amy Butlers 'Love' range that is simply squares sewn together, 'bout aseasy as it gets really.
The last one was the most involved runner, it's from the book as well and was not hard to make as the instructions were easy to follow. It requires a lot of little strips cut out then sewn together and needs a little bit of concentration.
I have plans to make a few more and recently discovered there is a skinny quilts 2 that has been published and it's now on its way here! Have you noticed a bit of a theme with a lot of the things I have been making of late? I am slowly turning our little house into a bit of a beach cottage meets the tropics kind of dwelling and will post pics as things get madeover. The painting (walls)that was meant to happen a few weeks ago has been delayed because of all the wet weather and humidity so hopefully we can get stuck in soon.


  1. Oh Joely - first - your new photo at the top is beautiful!!
    The runners are all fantastic - I think I need to do one for my table & think that I would have to make one like the AB one - the simpler the better - it may actually get finished that way!
    I will have to try & convince Steve to come & visit the beach shack sometime this year.

  2. amazing Joely they are really something. Inspiring yet somehow I don't think mine would turn out that fabulous!!!

  3. Wow I like them all, the bluey one at the bottom the most.
    Glad you made it through the cyclone ok. I would centainly not like to live where they are.