Sunday, April 18, 2010

Before and After

I found some photos on the computer recently that were taken before we bought our house (I think we got them off the property listing online when we were looking) and was amazed at how different it looked. I sort of forgot how apricot the walls were and how much varnished timber there was in the kitchen. So I was very happy to find some pics that showed the changes we have made (and are still making). The apricot is gone and part one of the kitchen reno is done, we can't do much of part two until the extra room out the back is built then it will be all systems go! So the point of this post dear bloggy friends, is make sure you take some photos every now and again of your house (and garden) to document the changes that have occured because they may seem like small differences when they're happening, but the end result can be huge! Happy photo taking!

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