Thursday, April 22, 2010

Littlest fishes new bed

Littlest fish recently graduated from a cot to a toddler bed and after spending a few nights with a bed rail in the open bit in case she fell out, I thought we could try and pretty it up a bit. So down came the rail and in its place is a nice bit of fabric (I guess it's a bumper of sorts) that ties to the bed to make a little barrier.
So far so good, which means she hasn't rolled out (yet!) She can climb over to get in and out but it seems to do the trick and keeps her in while she is alseep which was the main goal anyway. Plus looking a whole lot nicer is always a bonus.
Yay little fish! Next job will be painting her room and new curtains so stay tuned for some makeover fun!


  1. Oh I can't believe she is getting so big & I am missing so much - I will have to see if we can come for a visit some time soon.
    I love the idea for the barrier & it looks so much prettier!

  2. Love this idea Joely, you were at the first baby kids market are you coming back? I love your work.