Monday, April 12, 2010

Drift, driftin' away.....

Okay, so I haven't been doing much sewing but I did make something instead of painting another piece of furniture (you can hear Mr Fish breathing a sigh of relief in the background). I saw a gorgeous mirror with driftwood around it in a Better homes and gardens mag a while ago and kept it in the back of my mind. After about 3 trips to the beach recently we had a bucketful of driftwood (had to be fairly straight bits) to get started. First I painted a square canvas that was lying around a brown colour, do you think I can remember what I originally bought it for!?
Then I stuck a mirror that used to be in littlest fishes room in the centre with double sided tape. It's one of those cheap mirrors from the warehouse so I wasn't worried about wrecking it if things didn't work.
And then I started playing around with how to put the sticks on. I had in my mind a round looking shape (a bit sun like) but quickly decided that required to much fiddling with angles and was a bit tricky so I went with a simple square shape instead. After snapping a few to fit them in the gaps I glued them down and added a few more pieces to the sides when the top was dry.
The finished mirror came out pretty good and you can't really see the canvas unless you're really looking for it. Being on a canvas it's not as heavy as it would have been on a piece of mdf or ply.
(the picture you can see in the mirror is on the opposite wall, I thought it framed the painting nicely!)

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  1. That is unreal Joely!!! I may have to pinch your idea and have a go!! Did you just use superglue for the drift wood. Looks really great you should be very proud of yourself.

  2. Joely that is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Hmm that would make a great gift idea too!

  3. Thanks guys, Ashleigh I used aquadere wood glue to start with then realised i actually own a hot glue gun so switched to that for the last half as it was a lot faster to dry.

  4. It looks great - I wont know you little place next time I visit:)

  5. Oh this is just gorgeous!!!!! I've been wanting to make a drift wood mirror for ages! Thanks so much for the great tips...I can't wait to make one now :)

    Thanks for linking up at my Tuesday Talent Show!

    Come on over again tonight for another party :)

  6. How about framing a painting with driftwood. I just finished two not so small paintings and I would like to use the drifwood I've been collecting from the beach. I can't figure out how to glue it to the board.