Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well, we are back from our holiday and getting back to normal. We went down to Yandina on the sunny coast and stayed with Mr Fish's parents for his sister's wedding and then for a little holiday afterwards. Oldest little fish had a great time feeding all Nanny's animals- 2 wallabies, 2 possums, some birds, some chooks and a dog. (yes, she is a wildlife carer, she doesn't pinch them from the bush!)
And of course we had to go to underwater world where oldest fish was mesmerised by the sharks in the tunnel. After going round the tunnel 3 times we said the sharks had to go to bed now.
The wedding was lovely and a bit wet. The sensible people took their shoes off for the ceremony as it was in 4 inches of mud and water! (that makes me one of the sensible ones, yay!)
and the people with 4 wheel drives came in handy to ferry people to and from the site as it had become a quagmire.
luckily, the reception venue (the backyard) was dryish, just a little damp and shoes could be put back on if required.
So we have married Aunty Sandy off and she is Uncle Brian's now to look after. The bride managed to look beautiful, dry and unmuddy (we have no idea how-the dry and unmuddy bits) and her very clever brother Steven took some beautiful photos of the day. Some which required standing in a flowing creek in waders (the photographer, not the bride).
After the wedding we had a nice peaceful week of relaxing and I even managed to go to the Eumundi Markets without the husband OR the children!
I love going there and seeing all the clever things people are making and selling. We also managed to go up to Steven and Claires place at Kureelpa and I was lucky enough to raid her stash and take some goodies home. Honestly that girl could open a shop with all the fabric she has and I would be her first customer. She has raided all the op shops in tassie which apparently are the best in the world and had an amazing collection of vintage sheets and curtains and tablecloths which can be refashioned into clothes. anyone who is a sewer would just drool if they were ever lucky enough to feast their eyes on this amazing collection, most of which you won't find in the shops. (there is a picture somewhere on her blog of some of the stash- alittlespunkiness, if you want a look)
Enough gushing now.
Easter was good to the kids and they had an egg hunt and ate too much chocolate of course. Mr Bilby met Miss Chick outside oldest fishies bedroom while they were waiting to be discovered and I caught them having a nice little chat.
It was lovely to catch up with all the loved ones and go for a visit, but boy was it nice to sleep in my own bed again when we came home.

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  1. Oh come on - I don't have that much fabric do I?? :)Well maybe just a little bit. Glad to share the love of fabric around!! Was absolutely wonderful to see you all!