Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Fish!

Well, today my oldest little fishie turns 3! I can't believe she is 3 already, the time had passed so quickly. She is no longer my baby but my little girl and 3 just sounds so old!
We ended up having a couple of cakes as we were visiting her nanny and poppy (dad's side) a few days before her birthday and then were home for her actual birthday with other nanny and poppy.
Not that she minded of course, more cake for everyone. She has been very lucky and has received lots of lovely pressies from all who love her and despite being a bit sick with a cold still managed to have a bit of a play.
I have finally finished my stitchery I took on holidays to do and am going to frame it to put in one of the girls rooms. It is a pattern from by the very talanted Johanna and i just love how darn cute it is.
My very clever Mum just finished a quilt she has been making for littlest fishies bed and it is quite adorable. I asked for some pink and green squares of some sort and it has some lovely fairies and mushrooms in it that just scream 'how cute am I' to all who see it. The bunny in the shot was just hanging around feeling a bit neglected after easter so we let him be in the piccie too.


  1. Happy Birthday to the little one . Yours and your Mums work is lovely .

  2. Happy Birthday most Gorgeous Stace!! Hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday! Lots of hugs n kisses sent your way!

  3. Happy Birthday Stacey - Looks like she had a great day. 3 is a lovely and challenging age all rolled into one - have fun!