Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In between ironing a carload of chair covers this week, i managed to get Mr Fish to put my shelves in the cupboard that is now 'the material cupboard'. well, he put the frame in and tacked it in place and started to screw it in before the drill went flat so it got half done. Then yours truly being the clever person I am completed the job the next day with the help of a new drill and a mum (who had to lend me the drill). So it got done eventually and now all my 'terial (as little fish calls it) has a nice new home and feels all safe and snug.
I also had a couple of days of Mr post man being nice and bringing me some lovely parcels.
One day I got a lovely package from Crafty Mamas with some back issues of Mixtape and a new pattern that I can't wait to make up by Modkid.
And then I got a double suprise when I got the new ottobre magazine in one parcel and my April swap came from Stacey in another! Thanks Stacey, I love the cherry fabric and the little button and flower motif. They will be made into something cute.
I also finished off my collection of covered tins that hold all sorts of crafty stuff and they are sitting pretty on top of the bookcase next to my sewing table. So I have had a busy week so far and this weekend will be chaos with 5 weddings to set up and pull down, so off I go to do some more ironing.


  1. Love the look of that pattern - what a wonderful postman week you had.

    Think I got a different Modkids - will keep you posted!

    And what a great little house for all of you 'terial! You might have to put in an order for a pink tool kit this year for mothers day!

  2. oh yummy stuff, all good and great ...

  3. Oh that stash is drool factor:D Looks FAB TAB.

  4. All that lovely fabric and you are so organised !