Thursday, April 23, 2009

random stuff

I got these 2 books a short while before Easter and just love them. Warm Fuzzies was an awsome score off ebay (this NEVER happens to me) that was only $10, pretty good when it's selling for 3 times that! And more softies was from the bookshop but I couldn't resist as I have bought the first softies for my lovely s-i-l and loved that too.
Just wanted to share some great books. I have also been scouring fishpond for their craft books and have made up a pretty impressive wishlist.
This is my cute little fishie number 2 who can sort of sit up now. She is not so good with the not falling sideways yet but we are working on it. For a kid that spent the first 3 months of her life in a pavlik harness (to correct her hip dysplasia) she is doing pretty well with reaching all her milestones. She may walk a little bit later than average but that's okay, more time to put everything out of reach.
These fabulous t-shirts were made by my clever s-i-l Claire who did them up for the girls at easter time. Zali got the bunny one as she can't eat choccy yet (we'll soon sort that out)
and Stace got the other 2 for her birthday. Isn't she clever! gush, gush, okay that's enough.
I joined Brown Owls a little while ago and it promted me to ask mum where all my old brownie stuff was (I knew she would have it somewhere). sure enough, it was hiding in a cupboard and i got it all out and had a look through my old handbook and all the other stuff. What memories it brought back. I'm trying to hunt down any other members that live in Mackay so we can form our own chapter and have meetings and stuff. The Melbourne girls look like they have lots of fun at their gatherings.
And Finally, this cute little pic is of a stitchery that i got from Claire's old craft book (i think it's from the 70's) that she would have found in an op shop somewhere. There is a matching boy one as well that is equally cute.


  1. Great books ! The little one is so cute .

  2. Oh you are getting such a big clever girl sitting up!!
    So are you going to do the stichery ?? It is cute.

  3. Hello old brownie girl - LOL - I still remember when we were little brownies and your Mum was the leader - it does indeed bring back memories. I am yet to join up Brown Owls maybe I should and then I could come to your club house for a crafty chat next time I visit.