Thursday, April 23, 2009

I really should get my priorities right!

This is what I should be doing (ironing chair covers for the 5 weddings we are setting up next weekend).
This is what i'd like to be doing instead (finishing my stitchery).
And this is what I better get started on doing if I want to finish them before my 90th birthday. (yes, that folder really is full of patterns that i would like to make).
And this is what I need to remember to post tomorrow or poor Stacey will get her swap in the wrong month! (I seem to find it difficult to get to the post office with 2 little fishes, wonder why!)
Oh, to have another few hours in the day!
Have not been able to do a whole lot of crafting lately as i have been working a bit. And this weekend I am supposed to be pruning and weeding. After my stitchery (which is pretty much traced off my Kristen Doran Fabric panel) is finished, I think I might make a little felt mushroom or toadstool, or maybe a little bird. Or maybe a mobile for Zali's room. hmmm. Don't know what I want to make now.

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