Sunday, October 03, 2010

Neptune is hard to find!

I know I am a bit slow and the Neptune range by Tula Pink has been around for a while and is now oldish but I only really discovered it and desperately wanted some recently.
It is rather hard to find nowdays and it was quite a few google searches before I managed to track some down. So now I am the proud owner of a jelly roll and charm pack with 3 half yard pieces on the way. The tricky bit is thinking about what to make and deciding on a pattern. Decisions, decisions.
I love the prints and colours and am thinking a throw for the lounge would be nice and maybe a runner also. It's the perfect range if you like all things ocean related.
And a little parcel arrived recently from equilter with some bits and pieces for some sewing fun. There's nothing like getting a parcel in the mail, even when you have to let the little fishes open it!
sneak peeks at the finished room coming very soon!


  1. Hi. I know what you mean! I so wanted and STILL want Farmer's Market!! I can't find that anywhere! Enjoy this bundle!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what it becomes.