Sunday, October 10, 2010

The helpers and the next room getting prettied up.

Don't you just love helpers? They were very keen and didn't cost much. We paid them in strawberries.
The other half of the kitchen is getting the star treatment at the moment. The buffet/hutch thing is going into our new dining room (new for us, the rooms always been there we just like to move around a lot).
It is getting painted at the moment and will look a bit different when it is all finished, and yes you can have a look when it is done.
This is oldest fish "helping " to drill the screws into the new cabinets that are going in the kitchen.
This is what her sister did the whole time I was trying to take a picture, she just stands in front of me and does that. As if to say 'I'm ready for my close up'. So I had to take one of her as well.
This is the kitchen minus the buffet/hutch thing (I never know what to call it so apologies if it's got a real name).
It is getting a new benchtop to match the other one and the drawers will be painted the same once the wood putty sets properly. It would more than likely help if someone stopped poking the holes and ruining my putty applying skills. The poker has little fingers so I've narrowed down the suspects.
Very observant people might have realised that the wall has been painted and is now natural white instead of pacifica. This has brightened up the room a huge amount and there is now no need to put a skylight in ;)
And I even painted the cupboard doors as well. I'm thinking I'll leave the alcove where the fridge is the Pacifica colour as it looks okay.
So there you go, more work is being done and now oldest fish comes up to me (usually standing on a chair) and says "are you painting again?" in a sighing sort of voice. I promise I'll be finished soon....

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  1. It is a long hard slog but it will be worth it in the end. Cute pics, gorgeous smile.