Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I was going to do one of those sneak peek type of posts but couldn't be bothered with revealing bits at a time so here it is!

The new room is finally all complete and moved in.

Most of the stuff in there is what we already had so as things wear out they will be replaced.

Pretend the lounge is a nice neutral colour instead of green and you'll get the picture. The bookcase was a bit of a pain to make (thanks Mr Fish!) but it worked in the end and holds heaps more books than our old one.

The tv stand was one we picked up at the tip shop that was in pretty good condition and just needed a bit of a sand and paint and some new handles. Our other tv stand has been cut in half (shock!) and is going in the new rumpus/sewing/computer room. It had been cut in half neatly so it still looks good, I promise!

The curtains are made of poplin so they are a bit floatly without being sheer and are nice and light. Concealed tab tops are my favourite as they are so easy to make and look nice.

There are still a few things to finish off and make like a couple of footstools (think beanbag for feet) and some cushion covers and I've got a wall hanging in mind for above the tv (dancing jellyfish, in a non tacky way) so they will get done gradually but for now we are DONE!


  1. So beautiful....relaxing and beachy. :-)

  2. Well done. LOL at the cutting the tv cabnet in half - Tim did that to ours a few years ago and everyone I told almost had a heart attack:)

  3. Thanks for the update on this. You've really made a lovely room here. I love the poplin curtains. I have them myself. They're perfect. They let just the right amount of wind through without blowing halfway into your room! Keep up the great work!

    - Ava

  4. Oh MY!!! It really has turned out beautifully Joely - you should go into interior design - seriously! You really have the knack.!