Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Works in progress

The latest bunch of things I have started are a quilt for Mr Fish's cousin who is having a baby next year, a new doll that sort of looks like a butterfly (that's what it will hopefully turn out like) and despite having other stuff that I should be doing I couldn't help but to start on the barn house that's made from the same tutorial as the gnomes home 'cept I did it 1.5 times bigger to fit all those farm animals in (they like their space apparently).
The butterfly doll is being made because oldest little fish informed me that her doll called Sabine (that is taken to bed each night for cuddling) needed a cuddle doll of her own so she wouldn't get lonely when she is lying on the bed during the day all by herself. (This actually makes sense to me, I don't know whether to be worried by that or not???!!!) And a butterflyesque doll was picked because Sabine likes butterflies. So there you go.
The barn is coming along nicely and I am now putting the windows on (if only real housing was this easy to build). The animals are waiting in the linen cupboard til they can move in, though oldest fish did find them and sneeks a peek at them when she thinks I am not looking. The barn is for littlest fish so this is okay as she can't actually open the linen cupboard door yet. Plus she is only 1 and doesn't seem to care.
The quilt has been fun to do as it required actual sewing on the sewing machine, which I haven't done much of lately so it was nice to take it for a spin. Anyway better get back to sewing on barn windows!

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished products! That quilt looks gorgeous too. Was it hard? Our newest softie is very loved by the way - thank you!!