Saturday, October 03, 2009

More Gnomes Home Pics

Ok my lovelies, I went a bit snap happy this morning and took some more pics in the nice morning light. The gnomes have met their new neighbours who happen to be a cute little fawn and a nutty squirrel as well as a resident duck who has taken over their pond. I will put the rest of the pics up on flickr if anyone is interested as there are probably too many (told you I went snap happy!) to post. I am itching to get going on a barn now but have a few other things to get done first. Must say a big thank you to uklassinus for posting such a great tutorial on her blog, check it out if you haven't already.
Also if anyone has ever made a wedding cake out of foam and felt (obviously not to eat!) please feel free to give me some tips as I volunteered to make one for my friends wedding decorating business, for display purposes, and am kind of winging it. Eeeekk!
I am trying to get a bit organised now and work out what xmas pressies I need to get started on so they get finished on time as I am trying to make most of the gifts this year. The kids are easy, it's the adults that are tricky.
Also I just found out that we are having a big baby and toddler market here (finally) and it is on the 7th of November at the seniors hall near the entertainment centre. I am finally going to be able to try and sell all the stuff I have made for it so hopefully it will be a success!


  1. I'm sure you will do very well Joely , you're stuff is lovely !

  2. I love this little gnome house. i hope you do wellat the fair.

  3. This is really gorgeous Joely! I LOVE the teaset too - is that new? I didn't see that treasure when I was up :)