Friday, October 30, 2009

More sneaky peeks

Okay so I might have forgotten to post the picture of the bag I made in the last post, I had a wriggly fish on my lap 'helping' to type and the other one explaining to me where quolls live! (I'm glad someone in this house knows). The bag is from a Janelle Wind pattern called 'Thelmas day out' which also has a journal cover pattern included. It was really easy to make and the instructions were pretty straightforward and easy to follow.
I finished the fabric barn as well, once I got started I couldn't stop so it's all ready to go. I really love this fabric house tutorial as you can turn it into anything you like. Biggest fish now wants a house for her little animals (sylvanian families) so maybe if she behaves herself we might work something out. She loves to help whenever I'm in the sewing room so we may do this one together as a project for when littlest fish is asleep.

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  1. These are both fantastic projects. That barn is a wonderful idea.