Friday, October 30, 2009

Dum Dum Da Dum

The cake is all finished! This is the fabric cake I made for the girls I work for in the wedding business. I left it plain so they can decorate it with different colours and themes depending on what display it's in. I ended up using polar fleece instead of felt as the felt at our local SL is pretty crappy and the fleece had a slight stretch in it so it came out nice and smooth, The lace and ribbon were just stitched on around the seams to hide them and I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. I got some foam from Clark Rubber and Mr Fish was conned into cutting out the rough circles for me before I cleaned them up with the scissors. Not too keen on their complex calculations to work out how much off cuts of foam are though.
I took a piece up to the counter which looked about the right size for what I wanted to do and asked how much as there were no prices on any of the pieces. Here's me thinking the guy would just glance at it and say "oh, ten bucks will do" , when he gets out a tape measure and calulator and takes five minutes to work out some kind of magical way of pricing an offcut! It was dearer than 10 bucks but by that stage I just wanted to get out of there before he found another surface he forgot to measure.
On another note I ordered these lovely season cards from thepoppytree on etsy for my birthday (yes, I buy my own pressies, at least I get something I like!) and was trying to think of what to do with them when I found a pattern for a wall hanging I am determined to make sometime next year from the book 'material obsession 2'. The wall hanging has 4 blocks of a tree with the seasons determining the colours used in each block, much like the cards I got. So I thought the cards would be a nice piece to have in the room where the hanging will go to show the seasons in various ways, one on paper and one on fabric.


  1. I buy my own presents too , much safer . The cake looks great , hope they didn't leave a tape measure in there , lol !

  2. Wowzas!! You have been so busy while I have been away - not only in this posts, but the last few. The cake looks fantastic - please send some of your enthusiasm my way!

  3. Love the cake....that would be so much fun to decorate. And I think you do wonderful birthday shopping too.