Sunday, March 08, 2009

What to do when it rains....

With a rather large cyclone heading our way this weekend there wasn't much choice but to stay indoors. So i actually managed to get a bit of cutting out done. The little fishes will be getting some new pants and skirts when i get around to making them.
We didn't end up getting much of the cyclone except for a bit of wind and quite a bit of rain so that was a bit of a fizzer. It might seem strange but it was almost a bit of a letdown- all that anticipation and then....nothing. but we are glad it has continued on it's way and now hopefully we will have some sunny weather to give our waterlogged ground a chance to dry out (and our waterlogged selves). Stacey had some fun playing in the mud that passes itself off as the backyard at the moment and managed to get most of it in her gumboots. and Zali just continued to eat her milk arrowroot biccie.
I keep finding all these great ideas and colour combinations to try on everyones blog so the list of things to do keeps getting bigger and bigger. oh well, it's good to have things to do. Am determined to follow through with my challenges i set for myself and make sure they don't get forgotten this year.
*I am going to make a quilt of love for the special care nursery at the hospital every month.
*I am going to make/thrift the majority of the girls clothes this year (maybe will try my clothes another year, but will definately make some of mine)
*I am going to clear out of my stash all the fabrics that have been there since i started at spotlight (seems like oh so long ago) and have never used and make room for some more fabrics that will actually get used and that I actually like and are not buying just for the heck of it.
*I am going to try and use the fabrics in my stash instead of just buying more because I can't be bothered looking in there.
Hopefully I will remember to do all these things and keep my challenges going, we'll just have to wait and see.....
Despite the fact we just had a cyclone pass by we are hoping to go up to Hamilton Island next weekend while my brother and sister in law and their 2 little fishes are staying there (yes they were very brave and stayed on the island through the cyclone) and have a little holiday. They haven't met Zali yet so it would be lovely to introduce them.

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