Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have been busy sewing and trying to get lots of things finished before we go down south to aunty Sandy's wedding! the girls fairy outfits are done and I have made about a million (well it feels like it) little paper flowers to make string up around the marquee. i have been told I'll be making a speech which makes me a little nervous as I am not known for my public speaking abilities but i'll give it a try.
I finished my March quilt of love for the hospital, I am quite suprised that they are being made on schedule as I really thought i'd end up falling behind.
Zali also got some new pants made for our trip, It is usually colder there than here so thought some longer pants wouldn't go astray.
and have been trying to figure out how to get some stains out of the runner on Zali's chest of drawers, am not sure what exactly the stains are but they won't shift. I finally gave up trying to remove them and decided to cover them with some felt shapes instead. Thought i'd post my latest effort at an 'artistic' shot of the runner and the doll stickers on the wall behind it.
Am still working out how people take such great shots of their craft efforts and work spaces, they always seem to look so professional.
have got to iron about 1 million (feels like it) more sashes to drop off at the wedding shop before we go, they are easy to iron, it's the rolling up into bundles that's tricky.
have got some more things to sew this week and will post some pics when they are done :)


  1. Love the little quilt you are doing so well keeping up with it and all of the other bits that you do + work + going away!

    I am about to send you an email re traveling with children!

  2. Love the top quilt . Good luck with a million things , LOL .
    clares craftroom