Thursday, March 26, 2009

here's a couple more pics of the clothes i have been making for the little fishes. Stacey scored 2 new skirts to wear, one is a tiered swirly skirt made from some sweet little fat quarters mum got me and the other is made from some quilters fabric that's a bit japanese looking and some little dotted material i found in a drawer. Of course it had to have a doiley on it!
have finished all my sashes and even got round to organising my patterns in a folder so i could find them with out pulling the whole bookshelf apart. (not dressmaking patterns, they are in a box)
am taking some stitcheries to do on our holiday down to the sunny coast and hopefully they will get done. Claire, my partner in crime, I mean craft! will have lots of patterns and fabric for me to look through and I'll probably come home with even more things to do.
It is handy having a sisiter in law that gets the whole "stash" thing, it's hard explaining to a none crafter.


  1. Great skirts , lucky girls .
    clares craftroom

  2. Oh can't wait!! And my stash is screaming for you to raid it!! See you soon partner :) !!!